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We are a Costa Rican Brand to deliver rich services and solutions


Quick and easy electronic invoicing

Electronic billing tool for businesses. It manages the entire fiscal and accounting system according to the new law of the Costa Rican Ministry of Finance.

Unbilling is the leading electronic invoicing company with a wide range of products.

Monitoring & Audit

All kinds of shops are special. Its ERP system facilitates the creation and administration of tax documents that follow the new guidelines established by the Ministry of Finance, explore the use and transmission of the documents.

Our APIs


Electronic Invoicing

Submit a blank XML schema invoice, and get all the formal requirements, validation, form sequence, validation, message responses, keys, signatures, storage, tracking, monitoring, and submit to Ministry of Finance and supported by unbilling customer portal and taxes help desk.

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How to

Submit a json format invoice or ticket schema, and get the response at right, the request dont require send any control data and Emisor data. Only is required send Receptor in case of: "Factura, Nota de Credito , Nota Debito, Regimen Simplificado".

To process simple tickets the Receptor are considered anonymously.

All the other specifications as Cabys numbers, Terminal, Sucursal, Signature Keys, Users, Sequence Numbers, Emisor Data, Format Printer Templates, and other functional specifications are supported by the Unbilling Platform, like as the Online Generator, Search, Storage, Recovery Data, Recovery Transactions, and communications.

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Juan Fernández